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The BMW M5 is one of the models under the BMW M Series umbrella of performance. This four-door sedan is the definition of sleek design, stable control, and thrilling performance. It’s no wonder BMW of Minnetonka is so excited about offering Minnesota drivers the chance to take the BMW M5 for a high-powered spin around the block.

This executive sedan was crafted to excel in performance, and the execution is immaculate from the first burst of horsepower that gets it from zero to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds. There are a few key areas that make the BMW M5 model the high-performing, on-road champ that is it.

  1. The Engine: Nothing gets your blood pumping like the 4.4-liter V8 engine featuring M TwinPower Turbo technology that produces 617 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque. No wonder it only takes 3.1 seconds for it to reach 60 mph.
  2. The Drivetrain: BMW’s well-known xDrive all-wheel-drive system challenges the BMW M5 to adapt to its surroundings and operate smoothly and dynamically for its drivers.
    The Transmission: The eight-speed M Steptronic transmission pushes the BMW M5 to work harder to deliver a breathtaking experience for those driving and riding along.
  3. The Roof: To get it to the speed you want, the BMW M5 needs the advantage of being as light as a feather. With the carbon fiber reinforced plastic roof, there’s a low center of gravity, which helps with the vehicle’s weight.
  4. The Head-Up Display: This feature makes drivers feel connected to the BMW M5. Right above their steering wheel are details indicating their speed, the shift they’re operating in and gear selection to keep them informed while maintaining eye contact with the road.

As impressive as the BMW M5 model is, it’s not the only model from the BMW M Series that our dealership has available. Other models have their unique advantages that tailor to the needs of our customers. Skim through our inventory and make some time for a couple of test drives when you visit. Embrace your inner racecar driver with a model in our BMW M Series today.

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