Welcome to BMW of Minnetonka’s Finance Department, your auto loan and car lease resource. We’re eager to provide financing for your new car, or we can assist in used car financing. Check out our online car loan calculator for an instant car loan rate. Then, proceed to our online finance application.

All types of credit, from good to bad, can qualify for an auto loan. No credit, no problem! We will work with you to secure a no credit car loan if your situation demands it. BMW of Minnetonka has strong relationships and is committed to finding you the perfect car loan company to suit your car finance needs.

Low-interest car loans are available for customers with existing loans. We can help you refinance your car loan or adjust the term of the contract. You’re just a step away from approved car financing!


Research all the positives and negatives leasing and financing have to offer with help from BMW of Minnetonka’s finance department. Together we’ll help make sure you have all the information you need to find a vehicle and ownership option that will best support you, your lifestyle, and your budget. Once you’ve decided between whether to lease or finance, our knowledgeable staff will help you find your next new, certified pre-owned, or pre-owned vehicle.

Leasing Benefits

  • Leasing lets you drive a new BMW with the latest technology innovations and luxury design every few years.
  • Leasing can cost less than financing including a lower monthly payment, lower down payment requirement, and a lower sales tax.
  • Lease end options are diverse and the process is easy. This include buying your leased BMW at the agreed upon residual value, taking out the guesswork of what the vehicle is worth. Additionally, our finance team at BMW of Minnetonka can help you get a competitively low financing rate.
  • With a lease, you have warranty protection for the lifetime of your lease. This means you will save on service, maintenance, and repairs.

Financing Benefits

  • A financed vehicle can be an asset once paid off.
  • There are no mileage limits with financing a new BMW.
  • BMW of Minnetonka offers multiple lender options to help ensure you receive the best rate on your new BMW purchase.
  • Once your loan balance is paid off, you own your BMW and can sell it.
  • Financing a new BMW means long term savings. Once your loan is paid off, you will have no monthly car payments.

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Lease Protection

When you lease your vehicle from BMW of Minnetonka you can take advantage of our amazing Lease Protection Program. This program is designed to help you with the costs of paint repair, dents and tire wear at the turn in of your lease.

Extended Service Contracts

Protecting your vehicle is very important and can help you if your vehicle ever needs an unexpected repair. We offer many different types of service contracts so you can find one that best fits you and the vehicle you purchase.

Tire Protection

Tire Protection is another item that can give you peace of mind when an unexpected repair comes your way. In Minnesota we see customers come in with tire damage from pot holes or road construction and with their Tire Protection, these costs and repairs can be covered.

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