End of Lease Process

Lease End Process at BMW of Minnetonka

Is your current lease coming to end? Let the expert at BMW of Minnetonka help make things as seamless as possible. We’ll clearly lay out all that the lease end process entails and frequently ask questions, including all your end of lease options, each option's benefit and disadvantage. Remember, no matter which dealership you initially leased your BMW from, BMW of Minnetonka can take your vehicle at the end of your lease. We’ll also walk you through the lease return process and all your options.

What does Lease End Process include?

1 - Schedule vehicle inspection

2 - Make repairs

3 - Make an appointment

4 - Complete a federal odometer/lease termination statement

5 - Satisfy any lease liability fees/charges

6 - Satisfy any additional charges

What are my three BMW Lease End Options?

You have three lease end BMW options: You can lease a new BMW, purchase a new BMW, or purchase the BMW you’re currently leasing.

What are the benefits of leasing a new BMW?

  • New warranty coverage
  • Loyalty incentives
  • Easy transition between old and new lease
  • Try the latest model year
  • Enjoy the latest BMW technology and design

What are the benefits of purchasing a new BMW?

  • You own and can sell it
  • Loyalty incentives
  • Once paid off, no more monthly fees
  • Ability to personal touches and customizations
  • No mileage restrictions

What are the benefits of purchasing my current BMW?

  • You are the only previous owner/driver
  • More cost efficient than buying a brand new car
  • The purchase cost is already agreed up, simplifying the process
  • Ability to choose your lender
  • Ownership means the ability to pay off and sell
  • No mileage restrictions

Stop by BMW of Minnetonka to start your lease end process

Our locally owned dealership is here to help make your lease end process as seamless as possible. Our staff and finance department proudly serve the cities of Minnetonka, Minneapolis, Maple Grove, and Eden Prairie. If you’re looking for a new lease or look for a new BMW, our team looks forward to helping you find your next new, certified pre-owned, or pre-owned vehicle. Stop by our dealership, which is conveniently located just west of Minneapolis near the 394 and 494 interchange at 15802 Wayzata Boulevard.

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