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Premium Protection Package

M Sport Xpel

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Performance Xpel

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Full Vehicle Xpel

Zurich Shield


U.V. Protection


U.V. Protection

Xpel Clear Shield

Self Heating Top Coat

When exposed to heat, film will eliminate minor swirl marks and scratches.

Stain Resistant

Will not fade or discolor from any environmental debris, road debris, bug guts, bird droppings.


Highest quality film will be virtually invisible when installed. Film is UV transparent giving it a mirror smooth finish.

Precision Templates

Best fitting, Computer designed, custom pattern designs for each make and model.


Impact protection against all road debris and elements that are thrown at your vehicle..


10 year warranty against any film defects from environmental debris that causes cracking, fading and discoloration.

U.V. Protection

Added Privacy
Tint adds a level of security inside the vehicle.

Provides 99% UV Protection
Equivalent to wearing 1,000 SPF that can block out harmful Ultraviolet rays.

Increased Visibility & Safety
Reduces glare by 41%

Keeps the Vehicle Cool & Comfortable
Ceramic film has 84% heat rejection.

Zurich Shield

Other than mileage, what impacts a car’s value the most is the condition of the exterior and interior. It’s important to protect your vehicle in order to enhance its resale value and ownership experience. A vehicle without damage is simply worth more. Our Zurich Shield adds another layer of protection against environmental damage.

Exterior Paint Protection

Provides Coverage For:

– Weather-induced fading
– Loss of gloss
– Acid rain
– Industrial fallout
– Tree sap
– Hard-water etching
– Oxidation from U.V. rays
– Bird waste
– Insects
– Road salt
– De-icing agents
– Sand abrasion

Interior Protection

Provides Coverage For:

– Mold & mildew order
– Food & drink stains
– Weather-induced fading or cracking
– Chewing gum
– Inks & dyes
– Lipstick & makeup
– Crayons
– Pet stains
– Leather/vinyl punctures
– Leather/vinyl tears
– Loose seam stitching

*All clear shield installation covers only painted surfaces.

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