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Embark on a revolutionary journey towards sustainable luxury with BMW’s exceptional electric lineup, where the future meets the present in a seamless fusion of performance and eco-conscious innovation. Explore a range of electrified BMW options, each meticulously crafted to redefine the driving experience. Choose from the BMW i4, BMW i5, BMW iX, and BMW i7, where every model embodies the essence of the “Ultimate Driving Machine.” With BMW’s renowned engineering prowess, sophisticated design, and cutting-edge technology, these electric vehicles are at the forefront of automotive innovation. Learn more about the BMW electric lineup, compare BMW electric models, and uncover which model would be best for you. Learn more below and when you’re ready for a test drive, contact or stop by BMW Of Minnetonka.

Electric BMW Highlights

  • Performance: Between 230 and 300 miles of driving range, a low center of gravity, regenerative braking, and available iDrive all-wheel drive.
  • Charging: Electrify America public charging system with over 3,000 fast charging stations.
  • Technology: Available Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System, customized curved displays, cloud computing with voice-recognition, and a customizable soundscape.
  • Safety: Emergency braking with pedestrian detection, cross-traffic alerts, blind spot monitoring, parking assistance, lane-departure warning, and more.
  • Warranty: 8-year/100,000 mile battery warranty and premium maintenance services.

2024 BMW i4 vs the 2024 BMW i5, 2024 BMW iX, and 2024 BMW i7

2024 BMW i4
2024 BMW i5
2024 BMW iX
2024 BMW i7
Horsepower: 335 – 536
Horsepower: 335 – 590
Horsepower: 516 – 532
Horsepower: 449 – 650
Torque: 295 – 586 lb-ft
Torque: 295 – 586 lb-ft
Torque: 564 – 749 lb-ft
Torque: 549 – 749 lb-ft
Driving Range: 227 – 307 miles
Driving Range: 240 to 295 miles
Driving Range: 296 to 311 miles
Driving Range: 274 to 321 miles
Bodystyle: Gran Coupe
Bodystyle: Sedan
Bodystyle: SAV
Bodystyle: Sedan
Cargo Volume: 10 cu-ft
Cargo Volume: 17.3 cu-ft
Cargo Volume: 77.9 cu-ft
Cargo Volume: 11.5 cu-ft

The 2024 BMW electric lineup offers various models catering to various lifestyle preferences. For enthusiasts seeking unparalleled power, the BMW i5 and i7 stand out with horsepower ranging from 335 to a staggering 650, delivering an exhilarating driving experience. If a sporty body style is your preference, the BMW i4, with its Gran Coupe design, combines performance with sleek aesthetics, while the BMW iX takes a different approach with its Sport Activity Vehicle (SAV) body style, offering a unique blend of style and utility. Those prioritizing an extensive driving range can turn to the BMW iX, providing a remarkable 296 to 311 miles, ensuring a seamless journey. Lastly, for those requiring a spacious cargo area, the BMW iX offers an impressive 77.9 cu-ft volume, accommodating the demands of an active lifestyle. With the 2024 BMW i4, i5, iX, and i7, the electric lineup delivers a tailored driving experience, allowing customers to find the perfect match for their individual preferences and needs.

BMW EV Charging Range

Electric BMW Performance

The new electric BMW lineup offers a model for every lifestyle. For those seeking thrilling power on the road, two standout models redefine the boundaries of performance. The 2024 BMW i7 emerges as the horsepower champion, boasting an impressive range from 449 to 650 horsepower. On the other end of the spectrum, the 2024 BMW iX takes the lead in driving range, offering an impressive 296 to 311 miles on a single charge. With an innovative battery placement low and in the center, both models achieve unparalleled smoothness and aerodynamic efficiency, ensuring a driving experience that seamlessly combines power and range.

Beyond raw power and endurance, the 2024 BMW electric lineup excels in dynamic handling and control. Each model offers dual motors with the iDrive all-wheel drive system, delivering precision and traction on any road surface. The BMW My Mode Drive Mode selector allows drivers to tailor their experience, whether they crave a sporty, eco-friendly, or balanced driving style. With the battery positioned low and in the center, the BMW electric lineup achieves an optimal weight distribution, ensuring not only electrifying acceleration but also a level of agility and responsiveness that defines the essence of the “Ultimate Driving Machine.”

BMW exterior design - Engineered for adrenaline, agility, and electric excellence.

Electric BMW Design

Immerse yourself in the electrifying allure of the 2024 BMW electric lineup, where design innovation meets individual preferences. The iconic kidney grille takes center stage, creating a bold and distinctive presence on the road. LED lighting elements illuminate the path ahead, while aerodynamic sculpting enhances efficiency and performance. The i4 wears an athletic gran coupe body style, perfect for those seeking a refined and captivating look, The i5 and i7 showcase sleek sedan body styles, ideal for those who appreciate a classic silhouette with a modern twist. On the other hand, the iX introduces a captivating blend of luxury and versatility with its SUV body styles, catering to drivers who seek a commanding presence on the road.

Step into the future of automotive luxury with the interior design of 2024 BMW electric models, where form seamlessly meets function. Panoramic sunroofs flood the cabin with natural light, high-quality seating surfaces and sport seats provide comfort and support, and customizable ambient lighting allows drivers to tailor the interior ambiance to their moods and preferences. In the new BMW i7, luxury reaches new heights with the Sky Lounge LED roof, featuring illuminated graphic designs in a range of colors, transforming the cabin into a personalized haven. The BMW i4, i5, and i7 offer cargo capacities well-suited for daily errands and modest demands, while the 2024 BMW iX offers more expansive cargo capacities, catering to those with an active and adventurous lifestyle.

Inside BMW Electric Vehicle with Cutting-edge cloud computing, voice-recognition, and AI technology

Electric BMW Advanced Technology

Step into the future of driving with the 2024 electric BMW lineup, where advanced technology seamlessly integrates into every aspect of your driving experience. The BMW curved display takes center stage, harmonizing the customizable digital gauge display with the infotainment touchscreen, creating a driver-centric environment. This innovative feature is present across all-electric BMW models, providing a sleek and intuitive interface. Connectivity is elevated with BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, Apple CarPlay®, and Android Auto. For the epitome of in-vehicle entertainment, the BMW i7 takes it a step further with a 31-inch BMW theater screen in the rear seat, providing an immersive experience for passengers.

Safety is paramount in the electric BMW lineup, with each model equipped with advanced driver assistance technologies. Using sensors and cameras placed around the vehicle, each electric BMW model offers an extra layer of protection. From emergency braking with pedestrian detection to cross-traffic alerts, blind spot monitoring, parking assistance, and lane-departure warning, the electric BMW models prioritize your safety on every journey. These comprehensive safety features provide a reassuring sense of confidence, keeping you and your passengers secure.

BMW Electric Model Options

2024 BMW i4 eDrive40

BMW i4

Starting at $52,200

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2024 BMW i5 eDrive40

BMW i5

Starting at $66,800

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2024 BMW iX xDrive50


Starting at $87,100

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2024 BMW i7 eDrive50

BMW i7

Starting at $105,700

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All-electric BMW models include the BMW i4, BMW i5, BMW iX, and BMW i7.

The most affordable all-electric BMW is the BMW i4 with a starting price of $52,200.

The ambient temperature, number of cycles, age of the battery (regardless of use), and other factors influence battery life. For your peace of mind, BMW Group offers an eight-year (or 100,000-mile) battery warranty that also covers against excessive battery capacity loss (if net battery capacity is less than 70% of its original nominal value) – whichever should occur first.

Regenerative braking technology allows all-electric vehicles to recoup part of their energy during deceleration and braking, storing it in the battery.

With fewer parts and fluids to repair and replace, electric BMWs have lower maintenance costs.

Electric BMW models come with Emergency braking with pedestrian detection, cross-traffic alerts, blind spot monitoring, parking assistance, lane-departure warning, and more.

The BMW iX is the largest electric BMW with an SAV body style and up to 77.9 cu-ft of cargo space.

The driving range for electric BMW vehicles depend on the model.

  • BMW i4: 227 - 307 miles
  • BMW i5: 240 to 295 miles
  • BMW iX: 296 to 311 miles
  • BMW i7: 274 to 321 miles
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