Three Reasons to Change Your Tires

Don’t Forget to Swap Your Summer Tires for Winter Tires!

You walk outside. The air is crisp and there is a light snow on the ground. You start debating whether it’s really worth buying a set of winter tires. What’s the worst that can happen? Well, keeping your summer tires on through the winter can have numerous disadvantages. It can even put you and those around you in danger. Check out our three reasons to change your tires before the winter starts and let us know what you think!

Three Reasons to Switch to Winter Tires!

  1. Summer Tires Wear Out Sooner: Sumer tires, or even all-season tires, will wear out sooner if you use them in the winter. They are not designed for ice, snow and freezing temperatures, and salt can have an adverse effect on them too. While you think you are saving money by not having to make that initial investment in winter tires, you may actually lose more money in the long run because you will need to replace your tires sooner.
  2. More Traction: Winter tires are specially designed to navigate the slick terrain of winter months. Whether you are navigating deep snow or slick ice, snow tires produce more traction so you can stay safe on the road. It is all too common for car accidents to happen at the start of winter because folks have not switched to their winter tires yet. Even all-season tires are not properly suited. When the temperature falls low enough, these tires will stiffen and reduce the amount of traction that they can produce. This results in less control of your vehicle, which could lead to an accident!.
  3. Safety: It is important to stress that winter tires can keep you safe. Their improved traction not only keeps you on the road but can help aid your stopping ability. That means that you’ll be able to brake better, turn smoother and make it up steep hills with winter tires. Without them, you may slide and rear end someone at a stop sign. Don’t get stuck on the side of the road or cause a fender bender because you didn’t put on your winter tires, change them today!
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