Diamon-Fusion Windshield Protection – $x,xxx

Better Visibility

Windshields protected with Diamon-Fusion become highly water-repellent creating a surface that sheds water especially at higher speeds. Diamon-Fusion also repels mud, snow and ice, insect impact and anything else that can get splattered on your windshield. In addition to improving visibility, it also makes cleanup and maintenance a breeze.

Reduced Windshield Damage

Diamon-Fusion is a scientifically proved safety future for your vehicle. University and military studies prove that Dimon-Fusion reduces the amount of damage a windshield experiences from flying debris. This is important because a damage windshield can compromise the safety of your vehicle in several ways. Preventing that damage from occurring by having Diamon-Fusion applied will improve the safety of you and your passengers and will reduce the likelihood that you will have to endure the cost, time and hassles of replacing or repairing your windshield.

Improved Night Vision

Diamon-Fusion improves night vision because it makes the surface smoother. Untreated glass has a very rough surface at the microscopic level. Light waves interact with the world on this microscopic level. This rough, untreated surface of your windshield acts like millions of tiny prisms, splitting and deflecting the light in different directions. This is what produces much of the nighttime glare you experience when driving. Diamon-Fusion makes your windshield smoother, significantly reducing that splitting and deflection of light, thus reducing the night glare dramatically and making for a safer nighttime driving.

Improved Driver Reaction Time

University tests prove that Diamon-Fusion increases reaction time by a full second in rainy conditions. How important is a second? If you are traveling at 40 miles per hour, that second equals 58 feet. At 60 miles per hour, one seconds equals 88 feet. This savings in reaction time will save lives and prevent property damage. Why wouldn’t you want extra 88 feet of safety?





Cilajet Ceramic Protection – $x,xxx

  • Utilizes the latest in Nano Ceramic Technology
  • Provides an ultra-hard (9H) layer of protection
  • Prevents environmental damage
  • Creates a mirror-like shine that lasts
  • Reduces frequency of car washing
  • Eliminates the need for waxing and polishing
  • Add Value at Trade-In Time

    Based on Kelley Blue Book, your car’s value can vary by thousands of dollars and is based on the condition of the vehicle at the time of sale. Out of all the cars they inspect:

  • 72% are in FAIR-GOOD CONDITION
  • Only 26% are VERY GOOD – EXCELENT
  • Treated




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