BMW of Minnetonka

15802 Wayzata Boulevard
Directions Minnetonka, MN 55391

  • Sales: (888) 532-7009
  • Service: (888) 554-8193

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    BMW of Minnetonka

    15802 Wayzata Boulevard
    Directions Minnetonka, MN 55391

    • Sales: (888) 532-7009
    • Service: (888) 554-8193
    • Parts: (888) 483-6545

    Service Hours

    • Monday: 7:00am - 8:00pm
    • Tuesday: 7:00am - 8:00pm
    • Wednesday: 7:00am - 8:00pm
    • Thursday: 7:00am - 8:00pm
    • Friday: 7:00am - 6:00pm
    • Saturday: 8:00am - 5:00pm
    • Sunday: Closed

    Here is what Some of our Customers Say About Us.

    Hersh Naroliwalla 9/8/2015
    There are always good things to say about BMW of Minnetonka, be it service, customer relationship etc. This is my second car that i have bought it from here and honestly it feels like i am buying the car from someone i know personally. Special mention to Andre Prasad, who has helped me decide this car for me. 

    I already have planned to buy third one in the next year :) Not for me definetely ;)

    DSP    4/18/2015  
    The best in class .... great vehicles, even greater people .... can't imagine dealing with a better dealership .... the facilities and sales process are both incredible. 

    Runnerguy    4/14/2015  
    Excellent customer service.  Makes me want to go back. Feel like a family member. Will continue to come back to this dealership. I like the professionalism that not only Steve R offers but also the service department.


    Erich Hartwig    3/31/2015   
    Outstanding service from start to finish.  

    Hammer92    3/27/2015   
    I would recommend this dealership to anyone. We had a great time from start to finish. 

    Donovan Walker    3/21/2015   
    "Perfect service. Excellent quality.
    Bmw of minnetonka has been nothing but excellent to me over the last 3 years. The service people take time to understand your problems and the mechanics doing an excellent job resolving them. Everyone there is polite and the facilities are beautiful. Across 15 years and four states, it is not only the best BMW dealership I've used; it is the best dealership of any kind that I've used."    Donovan Walker    3/21/2015    Google                               

    RickC    3/2/2015   
    What an incredible car buying experience. From the first time I contacted them until the time I drove away my first ever BMW. My associate - Aaron Hanson - was fantastic. Thank you.   

    Crkermit    3/2/2015   
    I've experienced a lot of car dealers, but even come close to the experience of BMW of Minnetonka! A truly professional dealership that shows a genuine concern for satisfied customers. This is especially true for Aaron Hanson. He really took the time to understand what I wanted and then went out of his way to get what I was looking for. Thank you Aaron. I can't wait to my next car buying experience.

    L. Marshall    3/2/2015   
    I have purchased cars in the past but I would have to say that this purchase experience at BMW of Minnetonka was the best by far. I can contribute this pleasant experience to my Internet Sales Associate Aaron Hanson. He was great to deal with and very thoughtful. Mr. Hanson streamlined all the red tape because I was coming from out of town. I was picked up at the airport on time by Mr Aaron Hanson. Mr. Hanson made sure the car was ready and was what I totally expected with no disappointments. This dealership is A-1 top notch. I was very impressed with the facility and the staff. Kyle from finance was great to deal with as well. I won't hesitate recommend this dealership and to purchase my next Beamer from this dealership and deal with Aaron Hanson again in the future. 

    Joan Smith    3/15/2015   
    If you want a truly exceptional customer experience you must shop at BMW of Minnetonka for your next vehicle!!! I had the pleasure of working with Heather Purrington to purchase my third BMW from this outstanding dealership and Heather exceeded all my expectations!! It was an incredible experience - to test drive in the morning and a few hours later, drive out with the new car of my dreams!! I will never shop anywhere else and I echo this sentiment with everyone I know. Be sure to contact Heather for your next visit!! She's an outstanding salesperson!! Very professional, witty, intelligent and customer focused!! You really can't find a better dealership or a better sales person!! Thanks so much!!!   

    Erich Hartwig    3/28/2015   

    Outstanding service from start to finish. 

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